Violets among the blueberry plants

Carpenter Family Farm


Our blueberry bushes have been growing for 35 years, and every year, they get bigger and more prolific.  Right now, they are seven feet high and seven feet wide.

In July, we will have so many berries that the branches will be flat to the ground with the weight of the ripe berries.  We have so many berries - plenty for people and birds.

The flavor of these berries is unsurpassed.  Pre-order yours today.  Available straight off the bush starting in early July.  Pickup in Titusville, New Jersey.

We're looking forward to July 1, when the blueberries start to ripen.  After tasting these berries, no other berries compare.  It's a short season, so don't wait to contact us.

better than organic.  no spray.